After buying hundreds of toys and giving them to her neighbors, Ginger Kitty became a local celebrity

In the last year, Manella and her husband have relocated to a new residence. They also fell in love with a lovely ginger kitten they found in their yard one morning.

Kitty started dropping by on a regular basis, and the two people soon realized that he did more than just make them happy.

They started finding toys, socks, T-shirts, and other items in their yard that weren’t theirs.

Since the couple had no idea who the rightful owners were, they took images and shared them with a local Facebook group.

Several witnesses said that a red cat had been seen carrying off their possessions.

The cat’s original owners were located by Manella; they requested her assistance in rehoming the animal since they could no longer put up with his antics.

And then she gave everything back to its original owners. The lucky red-headed cat found a loving home in the area.

The cat is quite happy with his new home since his owner has a big box full of toys and treats set up in the living room where the cat can pick out anything he wants to play with.

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