After a couple of months, customers began showing up with cash

The workers at one shop took in a stray cat. A cat had a home in the neighborhood. They decided to keep him in the store overnight, so they closed the door.

Our pet picked up on the changes right away. A few months later, people began discovering cash beneath their doors.

For the first time, Stuart McDaniel saw the bill on the inside. A client had apparently ditched them and didn’t give a damn, as he had surmised.

Some days later, the same thing happened again. The morning brought a fresh supply of one dollar notes.

Then, suspicions were raised about a stray cat that the staff had been caring for for the last six months.

After the glass door was closed, he often laid down there so he could be seen.

A member of staff at the store was curious as to whether or not their cat was responsible for the sudden influx of cash.

McDaniel put the theory to the test when the cat slept soundly by closing the door and passing a banknote through. The crafty observer slid the cash inside fast.

Stewart knew this to be true from previous experience, so he kept an eye on the feline. Currently, we do not have a doorcam.

It’s true that a man spent an evening playing with a cat for cash. It didn’t take long for him to completely lose it. Some bystanders saw the cat with the dollar and began to play with him.

A short time later, the cat was flush with riches. McDaniel decided to put their nighttime pet’s «earnings» to good use.He began giving to a fund for the needy in his store’s cat’s honor.

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