A young woman invests hundreds of thousands of dollars to resemble the Silicone Barbie doll, which has become a cultural icon

A 22-year-old Hungarian lady spent $165,000 to have her body transformed to look like that of a Barbie doll.

The girl’s inability to get job is directly related to the fact that she looks like a doll.

The young lady reflects on her early fascination with Barbie. She had her first breast enhancement operation at the tender age of seventeen.

Playing with Barbie dolls is the first thing I can remember doing. And when I was seventeen, I began the process of becoming a doll,» the girl says.

The little girl has had a dozen operations since then to make herself appear like her favorite doll.

The girl met her future husband in 2016, and he shared her interest in plastic surgery and want to seem as though a «toy.» The costs of her medical care were covered by him.

The child had her nose reshaped twice, her buttocks augmented, her chin reduced several times, and the shape of her jaw and forehead altered, among other procedures.

The girl used to be a receptionist secretary, but she had to quit her job because, she claims, men went crazy for her because of her beauty and charm.

As a result of her transformation into a doll, she says, people no longer take her seriously.

But Barbara, newly single after her divorce in 2019, is all about the male attention. The girl is considering more cosmetic procedures, including a third rhinoplasty, rib excision, and others.

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