A man constructs a revolving home for his lady love so that she may always have a different perspective

According to Reuters’ interview with an older guy, he has finally had it with his wife’s constant complaining and the never-ending repairs.

My promise to my wife was that I would design and build a home unlike any other. The meaning may be manipulated in any way you choose.

It took the elderly guy nearly six years to put his plan into action.The guy had a heart attack while working on the structure and was sent to the hospital.

I urged the physicians to do all they could to give me an extra year of life. There was no way anybody else could have finished my job since only I understood all the details,» he explains.

The granddad admitted that his idea wouldn’t revolutionize the construction industry. Simple things like time, effort, and determination are all that are required.

It’s located in a rural area not far from Srbac.

The spherical observatory provides a panoramic vista in every direction. It’s possible that the man’s wife spends her time daydreaming about the expansive cornfields or appreciating the woodlands and blue lake, depending on the time of day.

At its slowest pace, the structure takes over 24 hours to make a full circle, but at its highest speed, it only takes about 22 seconds.

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