A guy donated the last of his money to a lady who had run out of petrol, and within three months he was a millionaire

Katie, age 27, was driving to see a friend when her car unexpectedly stopped running. The lady had to make an unwelcome halt on the other side of the road.

Almost immediately, a guy walked up to the car and told Katie to lock all the doors and windows.

The guy left, but returned a short while later with a gas can in his hands. He spent his last few dollars on it.

If only he’d known that his act would make him rich quickly! Katie gently approached her companion when the vehicle was recharged, and they began planning their thanks.

He was plainly in financial straits, so the wife created a GoFundMe page in his name. Katie explained everything that took place in great detail.

The homeless guy, she said, is a veteran who is legally obligated to take her money since he is unable to support himself.

A true miracle occurred shortly afterwards.People from all across the globe donated $400,000 to the veteran’s account over the course of three months!

Katie informed the media that at first, the man thought they were being pranked.

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