You’ve probably never seen a grin just like this one before

Relocating caged animals carries enormous responsibility, but transferring two beluga whales to a new continent during a pandemic is as difficult as it seems.

Despite spending their whole lives in captivity, these two orcas were released into the wild in Iceland so that scientists could track their migratory patterns over the course of two years.

A Chinese water park was forced to euthanize these animals, but they were rescued just in time.

These two baby orcas were rescued off the coast of Russia and sent to a Chinese aquarium in 2011 after being kidnapped.

There were no exceptions; the organization was accountable for everything, including meticulous preparation and implementation of the plans.

For more than a decade, these creatures have been unable to sense the ocean’s pulsating waters coursing through their bodies.

At all times, veterinary help and a quantity of ice and water were needed to keep the animals’ temperatures stable.

A number of training exercises had been completed before to their departure, and as a result they were familiar with the animals’ behavior.

Throughout the expedition, the two whales seemed to be in a joyful mood, with their saviors constantly engaging in amusing activities with them.

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