You’ll be deeply moved when you learn the identity of the person this guy has been holding out for

One day, Dan Jacson had the fortune of meeting a tiny dog called Jazzy, and from that moment on, he knew he would do whatever it took to bring the dog back with him.

His pitiful little eyes melted the hearts of everyone he encountered, despite the fact that he was painfully shy and scared of human interaction.

So, Jazzy went to doggie daycare to alter his personality and adjust to life inside.

There he met Dan, a retired orthodontist who was living in the area near his temporary residence.

After working hard on his encouragement house, Jazzy finally opened for visitors, and Dan was first on the list.

After working hard on his encouragement house, Jazzy invited guests in, and Dan had to be first in line.

The guy looked to have a high tolerance level as he read a book at the front door while the employees completely missed his presence.

When they finally did meet, they greeted each other warmly and demonstrated that they were both really happy. It looked like Jazzy remembered him and understood the reasoning of his visit.

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