Why do you think this is your dog’s favorite pastime at the beach?

Tofu is at her most expressive and articulate when she is submerged.

When Tofu’s mother saw her daughter, she prophesied that Tofu would «run around and bark like crazy.» Her favorite place is, by far, the beach.

Every time Tofu visits the shore, she can’t help but squeal with delight. Tofu never ceases to surprise when it comes to flying.

Despite the fact that the general public like Tofu’s unusual jumping technique, her canine buddies aren’t so convinced.

«My second dog tried to join in,» says the owner, «but her jumping talents weren’t as amazing.

Even if the other dogs in the group eventually grow accustomed to Tofu’s bouncing, it distinguishes her from them.

One of her favorite ways to display her affection for the ocean is by jumping up and down.

Tofu explodes into a joyous dance whenever her mother takes her to the beach as a means of saying thank you.

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