While the owner was in treatment for a week, the dog was left alone for the whole time

When Sana Iniesta, who was then 22 years old, and her son Mayo, who was then 2 years old, spotted a puppy at a shelter, they both felt an instant connection with the animal.

At the time, Mayo was the only one of the two who could communicate with the puppy.

After that point, they persisted in their status as a couple throughout their relationship. The young lady would sometimes bring her animal companion with her to class.

On the other side, the proprietor of Mayo had a dreadful time during the weekend. Sana started feeling ill while they were driving to the beach, where they intended to spend the day, but she managed to hold on until they arrived.

Following the insistence of the young lady’s relatives and friends, she was rushed to the nearest hospital.

Following Sana’s treatment, over the whole following week, as she slept, her dog waited patiently outside the clinic for her to emerge. This continued for the entire duration of the week.

The girl’s father used to work harder and more regularly toward the goal of bringing the long-awaited family pet into the house, but he has now given up on the mission.

After being discharged from the hospital, she went directly to the clinic, where Sana was waiting for her.

Sana needed to calm Pet down since she was becoming very excited about meeting her new owner.

The employees at the clinic took photographs and films all week long using the Spanish word «Hachiko,» which helped Mayo rocket into the social media scene. Their goal was to hammer home the message that they were trying to make.

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