While awaiting the arrival of his new family, Puppy in a Tuxedo was prepared to impress

It’s a common desire to find a permanent home for your pet. It was as a consequence of this that the dog was dressed to impress for the event.

An abandoned 3-month-old stray dog named Vicente was waiting for his new owners to come and take him home with them.

The adoption paperwork was complete, but the adoptive family had yet to show up. Vicente’s heart went out to the boy whose adoption had not gone as smoothly as expected.

The shelter employees felt the same way. Photographs of the sorrowful dog and his tale were shared online, along with photos of him suited up.

Impressive, to put it mildly. They showed the dog a lot of love and appreciation for him. Several children were adopted.

Rescátame Foundation has to keep a tight eye on Vincent’s adoption possibilities to make sure there aren’t any nasty shocks.

Shelter workers want animals to be adopted into loving homes so that they may have happy and healthy lives.Vicente found his ideal house after a long hunt.

When the shelter learned that Vicente had found a new home, they took to social media to spread the word.

Many folks were overcome with emotion after hearing this news. Adorable animals of all shapes and sizes are available for adoption at the shelter.

It seems that Vicente has settled in well to his new surroundings.

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