When it comes to watching television, tiny donkeys are content to lounge about on handles at a farmyard

Why not leave the city and start raising donkeys on a farm?

Exactly what the couple, who now live and work surrounded by donkeys, did.

It all started with the purchase of a critter called Mr. Donker Donks, who was promptly accepted into the family.

When the unexpected monster first appeared, the owners decided to have a variety of species so that it wouldn’t grow bored.

In addition to the donkeys, the couple acquired a property so that they could give each of their favorites a chance. This year’s Instagram theme is «Animals» and the theme is «Try New Pictures.»

Two people are involved in this model.

At times, you honestly believe that a simple idiot should climb the handles. ‘Climb the handles,’ you say. Not everything that is said.

When two smaller jackasses meet, it’s entertaining to watch them wipe out their noses. It’s just beautiful!

This is one of the most expensive toys you’ll ever see. Take a look at this tummy and imagine it to be white.

When someone needs a meeting, what is my urgent business like?

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