When an animal shelter sees the strong attachment between two animals, it decides to bring them back together

Rescuers call them Timber and Baloo. Animals are trustworthy, gentle, loyal, dependable, grateful, and dedicated to their masters.

We’re all on the same page here! There are many calls to animal rescue groups from people who find stray animals.

Despite the fact that animals are unable to communicate verbally, we are all able to grasp the emotions they experience.

Everyone, even animals, needs someone to lean on during these trying times and tell them that everything will be well.

This is the story of two friends who, like Baloo and Timber, are unable to separate themselves from one other. A chihuahua and a pig were saved by the shelter in May.

The animals, fortunately, were safe and were saved by the group of people. At the veterinarian’s office, they had their first checkup. As far as canine-pig relationships go, Timber and Baloo are outliers.

The company’s employees were overjoyed to see the beautiful pair.The dog and pig were given the names Baloo and Timber by the employees.

In fact, Timber even sleeps in the same position on Baloo’s back as he does on his own. They’re simply too adorable.

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