To aid the animals who come to his church, a kind-hearted Brazilian priest works to find them new homes

In Gravatá (Pernambuco, Brazil), dogs know they will always have food and a place to sleep. Are they owned by anyone?

Superb character This is where Joo Paulo calls home. Since he is a dog lover, his church is always welcoming to orphaned four-legged pets.

Joo has always had a soft spot for animals, but she has never had the opportunity to help them. To help animals in need, the child became an animal rescuer.

It’s a blessing for Joo’s dogs that the priest takes them to church on Sundays. This is a great way to assist homeless animals find new homes.

During mass, canine companions are welcomed. Some of them may just go about the room and rest in a corner, while others will be more active. When the dogs come up to him, the kind priest petts them.

Because of their innocence and honesty, the man thinks animals are angels. As soon as one of his pups gets accepted by a church member, Joo Paulo is thrilled.

After helping a homeless animal find new homes, the priest feels good about himself. Dog: Priest brings ill canine to a veterinarian. Joo will take the pet in if no one else wants it.

People who regularly attend church know what it’s like to hear from a pastor who really cares. Instagram and Facebook posts about this guy’s pets are frequent occurrences on his account.

For this reason, he is well-liked by the public since he utilizes social media to help dogs in need find new homes.One of the most pleasant colleagues we’ve ever had.

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