This little pooch looks adorable in his werewolf costume, and his Halloween-appropriate smile is just what the holiday called for

You haven’t met Dara if you don’t believe in mythical creatures.

Dara, who was once a cute puppy, is now a terrible, wolf-like creature that is totally ready for the Festivities, all because to the power of a simple smile. Dara has an infectious grin.

To get her Lamb Chop toy, Dara «makes that face,» as her mother put it. When she needs anything from you, she will do this. She is obsessed with getting them back together.

Several passers-by give the young werewolf an odd look as she makes her way down the street, but she is unafraid. If you ask Lewis, «She’s quite timid when she meets someone new,» he’ll tell you.

Unfortunately, she is just 5 pounds, making her hardly threatening. Dara was discovered wandering the streets and was brought to a safe haven as a consequence.

Lewis’s aunt, who is employed at a pet shelter, posted a picture of a peculiar dog on Facebook and circulated it throughout the staff.

Lewis: «My husband and I fell madly in love with her the moment we saw her; we’d never seen a dog like her before.»

Because «she was the loveliest little girl,» we contacted my aunt to arrange a visit. At this moment, they can’t express how happy they are to have discovered one other.

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