This German shepherd is having a blast in the surf while vacationing on a remote island

There are a slew of bloggers who call the islands home and document their daily lives online.

I couldn’t help but assume that at that moment, everyone was accustomed to gazing over their next stories from the ocean, and such contentment may have surprised even the most hardened observers.

Yet. Let me introduce you to Marla, who takes better pictures than any of my other traveling partners. Just take a look at this happy-go-lucky face.

When Marla was born, she moved to the island and has been there ever since.

As his residence is located directly next to the seaside, the awe-inspiring experiences begin to dawn and he adores the sand.

Marla is used to having a good time and enjoys just about everything. The shepherd dog enjoys swimming in a life jacket and sailing about the neighborhood.

They brought in another pet after they saw the dog was in desperate need of human interaction. Marla and Leila became close friends because of their same sense of smell.

Currently, scruffy female pals sunbathe, swim, and choose the nicest pictures of each other.. all in the sake of vanity.

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