This dog has the face of a teddy bear, and you can be sure he will capture your affections

When it comes to viral sensations on social media, Bear is a household name. There’s little question that we’ve already come across a number of adorable dogs.

In fact, many people mistake this hairy ball for a plush toy because of its teddy bear-like look.

He is six-years-old at this time. When people see him in person, they frequently compare him to a cuddly bear because of his fluffy fur and chubby features.

Dogs from northern China are known for their thick double coats.Mane-like manes may be seen by looking closely at the neck, where the hair is thickest.

Anyone, youngster or adult, would be thrilled to get a hug from him every time he or she returns from school or work.

There are many photos and videos of him that are shared on Instagram by his family and friends.

The goal is to raise awareness about how important it is for humans to properly socialize and treat all canine breeds.

If you’re still not persuaded that dogs are the best pets around, look no farther than this adorable hound. This is a dog that you’d be proud to own.

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