The white-nosed monkey is an expert baker because of his sweet tooth

We primates have a common trait: a sweet tooth. When it comes to sugary treats, some people choose all-natural options, while others just disappear as the candy business adapts to new tastes.

The remarkable white-nosed monkey can only be beaten by the widespread human preference for sweets. The majority of what he eats is sweets.

Our hero’s diet is based on the leaves of succulent plants grown from the earth. Thankfully, this asset is in demand in the wilds of West Africa every single day of the year.

In contrast to the sweethearts, our tale has a great vibe.

The monkey will cry «Seat!» at the sight of a panther and «Hack!» at anything resembling a hawk.

These interruptions may be calls, requests, or something else entirely depending on the context in which they are used.

Primates use this system of messaging to warn one other of impending danger and exchange a wealth of information.

So that my insulin level doesn’t swing wildly like a child on a trampoline, my body has me watch what I eat very carefully. They have been dessert eaters for many years.

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