The refuge, created by the doctor, houses animals rescued from zoos and circuses

Karen Dallakyan, a veterinarian with a big heart and wonderful hands, will be introduced to you in this article. He has rescued and cared for wild creatures for many years.

This man was a true hero who should be held up as an example for others to follow. Dallakyan and his family built a refuge for birds and animals on the site of the old laboratory.

When he first saw Zhu, the cub of a tiger, he knew that he had a problem.

However, Karen rescued him and placed him in a shelter since the owners of the Zoo didn’t need another tiger baby.

Large fences were built around the property to ensure that all of the animals had a safe and comfortable environment.

Some animals, his wife, his heirs, and a large number of volunteers support Karen once she is released into the wild.

As a result of the significant cost of feeding, medicating, and caring for these people, the shelter relies on donations from kind individuals.

In these troubled times, heroes like them are much needed.

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