The largest male giant panda in the world, who was 35 years old when this was written, has now passed away

A 35-year-old creaturel from the Kong amusement park died.

Toward the end of 1998, they had a handle on Kong. Until she died in 2016, the most experienced female panda was Jia, a bondage panda who lived until 2016.

Having no one to see him meant that his health deteriorated, and he stopped eating large meals and started exercising less because of it.

Animal doctors took the terrible decision to put him to sleep today to save his life after an outpouring of support from those who hoped for his rapid recovery at the recreation area’s virtual entertainment.

35-year-old male Pong stated was «equal to 126 years in human age» if «living and healthy».

The «panda approach» refers to the practice of loaning exotic animals to other nations as a gesture of goodwill. This is how most valuable animals are located.

Their willingness to aid the shleters n their efforts to keep pandas healthy is always appreciated.

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