The incredible tale of a Canadian who cared for raccoons for 25 years

Around his house in the woods, he has long been responsible for raccoon control. Raccoons are quite fortunate to have a human «father.»

The guy has little to no concern about the risk of raccoons upsetting neighbors since he lives in a fairly isolated area with few people.The incredible tale of a Canadian who cared for raccoons for 25 years.

Frankly, James provides everything they need. James and his girlfriend started having issues with strays like raccoons and cats. They used to provide winter care for animals. Blackwood’s wife left him in 2003.

Ahead of time, she had urged that her partner maintain intense concentration on the animals and her grandmother.

The raccoons, the cats, and his mother were all clients for a time while I considered his wish. James explains, «I also have two cats, but unlike the raccoons, they never go out.

Using his striped «pretty much nothing,» the guy uploads entertaining videos to his own channel.

When his devotees offer to assist him in any way they can, including financially, he politely rejects and suggests they donate to an organization dedicated to protecting animals instead.

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