The dog next door took the pregnant cat in a booth after the owner threw her out of the home

When Maryona was a kitten, her loving owners took her to live in a luxurious apartment in the heart of Moscow.

Maryona was looking forward to spending the summer in the dacha with her family. In addition to hunting mice, the cat had a great time exploring other yards and climbing trees.

She also made pals, notably with Mora the cat and Ima the dog, who lived next door.

She was left behind at the country home when her owners went to the city at the end of the summer, but they didn’t want to take her with them.

Though she was polite and well-behaved, the new owner didn’t immediately warm to the cat and had her removed.

The baby was born in November, when it was already freezing outside for Maryona to go out in the cold.

That’s when Ima came, just in time to help out her pal. As it turned out, she was an excellent dog.

In Maryona’s booth, beautiful Ima kept the cat and the kittens warm, supporting her in keeping the kittens warm.

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