The dog has never had the opportunity to play with our four-legged critters for whatever reason

Greetings from Ginny, the beautiful puppy with a dreadful fate. Instead of chasing a ball or relaxing on the expert’s couch like his four-legged companions, this dog did nothing physically active.

She recognized Ginny the first time she saw a photo of her dog on the website belonging to Charlie.

Lauren has previously rescued three dogs from an animal shelter on her own initiative. However, there was still space in Lauren’s home for Ginny..

The feelings of love and loss Lauren had for Ginny when she returned from the shelter were palpable. She smothered me with kisses as soon as we left the parking garage. I cried my eyes out.

Lauren said on Facebook that she was ready to be appreciated since she was so confident in herself.

Ginny and her brothers were kidnapped from their prior owners in order to work for the company. It was in a little part of the patio where they were hanging by a short rope. The dogs were then led to a monster lair.

Ginny’s siblings also found new homes quickly. Nobody wanted to spend time with the vile dog throughout the course of a half year.

After just a few minutes of getting to know the other animals, Lauren’s dog Ginny appeared quite comfortable. Ginny was finally able to get the affection and attention she had been searching for in the company of Lauren.

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