The boy’s parents stopped trimming their son’s hair, and the boy’s subsequent fame was largely attributable to his stunning mane

Londoner Farouk James Miller doesn’t come from a rich background, won’t be receiving a large inheritance, and can’t boast any particularly impressive skills. However, any woman would be jealous of his massive, stylish mane.

Clothing companies are willing to pay him to post «work» on Instagram because of his two-foot-tall curls.

James’s «job» consists of images of him (or, more accurately, his parents) wearing branded clothing that are then uploaded to Instagram, where they win over both heartwarming fans and prospective customers of trendy apparel.

This is a smashing triumph! Our hero’s mom claims that their hair is the family’s «golden ticket» to success.

Their current height is 60 cm. Also, James’s nurturing mother trims them by a quarter of an inch every January.

This is done just for their own improvement. The boy’s miraculous hair has helped his family become better off than the vast majority of black Londoners.

When you have a lot of hair, you have a lot of responsibilities. Incredible young man, that James.As far as his mother is concerned, he’s always had that kind of hair.

Naturally, it calls for more attention, such as the use of pricey shampoos, oiling and braiding on a regular basis, and putting it up at night.

The young guy makes a decent living because to his trendy hair, but he has to deal with the discomfort it causes him.

Only good luck to James remains.

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