What did the owl do once the man departed, having treated it?

The Virginia Owl was in critical condition when brought to the vet, but thanks to Douglas Podzecki’s efforts, the owl is once again flying.

The guy then had to rush out to an important business meeting.

A few months later, he went to the nature reserve, and within a minute, the same bird came up to him and gave him a wing hug as the center’s personnel videotaped the entire thing.

Douglas Podzecki is well-known as a leading avian vet at the Mississippi-based Wild at Heart Rescue Volunteer Center.

For a long time now, Douglas has been known as the «Bird Whisperer» among the center’s staff. The guy is not only knowledgeable about birds but also adept at building rapport with them.

One little Virginian eagle owl named Gigi arrived at the institution in critical condition.Douglas accomplished the impossible, and the owl regained its flight abilities just in time.

She had an innate good sense of people and continued to make her home on the land of a small reserve close to the center.

Douglas was a frequent visitor for Gigi, but one day he had to depart for business.

The vet came back a few months later, and nearly immediately after his arrival, an owl swooped in through the open window. The center’s employees claim that Gigi danced on the table and then embraced Douglas with her wings:

Eventually, the owl will leave for another territory. Nonetheless, the bird will never forget the person who saved its life.

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