The Owl can’t help but embrace the man who saved her from a perilous situation

Great Horned Owl Iggy was carried to the vet on her Final Legs by a concerned member of the public. A good Samaritan who happened to be walking by saved her life.

When Andrew returned from his trip, the owl couldn’t stop adoring her hero. For us, this bird was one of the most important we’ve ever cared for.’

Iggy’s whereabouts should be in the capable hands of Andrew. I doubt that the therapy could have been completed without Andrew’s assistance.

Her knowledge of him is extensive, and she has complete faith in him.’ It’s the look of confidence on his face that’s drawing attention. ’

While working with birds for decades, they had never encountered somebody have such a strong connection to them. Iggy had all faith in Andrew.

Iggy couldn’t hide her joy when Andrew returned from a trip to see family members.

She got into a groove and couldn’t get her arms free of him once she started dancing.

Watching him connect with these birds makes me teary-eyed, according to one commenter. That’s a beautiful tale, isn’t it? Let me know what you think.

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