A great horned owl was freed from a plastic bag by an officer and a concerned civilian who had found it on a busy street

With the help of the authorities and the citizens, the great horned owl was able to flee the scene safely.Nampa, Idaho residents saw a startled owl with its leg entangled in a plastic bag on a busy roadway.

Humans with compassion decided to contact the authorities in order to free the injured bird.

To our relief, Brandalyn Crapo, a police officer, arrived. Great horned owls are not very uncommon in the United States, yet they are notoriously difficult to see during the day.

A police officer named Conor found a bird ensnared in a plastic bag. In order to protect the bird from oncoming traffic, she stopped her vehicle.

Then she phoned the rescuers, and as she waited for the volunteers to arrive, she shielded the owl from the sounds of the passing cars in every possible manner.

It wasn’t long until wildlife expert James McKinley came to attempt to rescue the bird.

During its nighttime search, the owl probably mistaken the bag for prey, as she had stated. Then, when she attempted to pounce, she became trapped because her foot hooked on the bag.

Lucky for the owl, McKinley managed to rescue it without hurting it in the process.

Deputy Crapo took a photo with the rescued bird as a memento, and then released it far away from the busy road.

We should be grateful to the officer, the volunteer, and the good-natured spectators who worked together to save the bird’s life.

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