After meeting for the first time in a coffee shop, an owl and a cat quickly became fast friends

Animals and their habitats are always fascinating to observe. They have won our hearts with the humorous stories they tell about their love.

This time around, the spotlight was on a cat and the owl it brought along. Everyone has finally gotten together.

There is a beautiful, unbreakable bond between them. There’s a lot of weight attached to the spot where the two of you first met.

You’ll never guess where they first met, but it was a coffee shop in Osaka, Japan, and they still hang out at the same one, which is now their de facto home due to its animal-themed décor.

In contrast to other themed cafés, this one attracts a large number of fuzzy creatures.

In addition to the previously mentioned turtles, hedgehogs, rabbits, hamsters, lizards, and guinea pigs, we also welcome cats and owls.

Fuku and Marimo welcome guests and are always willing to help.

Everyone comes to this café to be in her presence, and cute couples pose for pictures in front of the venue.Really, who could blame them?

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