Sweet Cocker Spaniel meeting newborn kittens is a heartwarming scene

They had a good family of creatures, all of whom were treated as if they were their own children.

Alice, their loved German Shepherd, was a kind soul who enjoyed petting people and other animals alike.

In his nature, he was a kind and gentle person. That’s why they decided to show Bailey the litter of adorable kittens that the family’s friendly cat had just given birth to!

They were certain that he would not hurt the children.

In the room where the mother cat and her kittens were, the dog was taken by its owner. And as soon as Bailey saw the little insects, he walked over to them and began sniffing them.

He was keeping a close eye on them. She felt at ease with him since she had a great deal of faith in him.

After taking his time to examine the infants, Bailey climbed into bed with them, pretending to be their father. After a while, he began to sometimes smell them again.

The kittens were delighted to have such a protective presence around. The owner helped them to come closer to the dog and kiss him. It was a joyous and touching experience to see them go about their daily routine.

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