Swan chick was saved by cat, who brought it to lonely seniors

It’s clear from this story that animals are better at expressing their feelings of love and compassion than most people.

Their children had long ago left, leaving the old couple alone. Red-haired cat Paramon joined the pair. For the last 15 years, the cat was a family favorite and accompanied his grandfather when he went fishing.

Even though Paramon felt sick, he nonetheless left the house that day. In order to find the cat, the grandmother went on a long stroll throughout the hamlet.

But the cat was nowhere to be seen. The grandparents were looking for a pet every day but were having no success.

A few days later, the elders were startled to hear meowing under the door and rushed to open it. Paramon and a chick with a fractured wing were present.

The local sorcerer created a special ointment for the chick since it looked like a baby swan. It was kept in a box for its maintenance. In order to spend time with him, Paramon would jump into the swan’s box.

The chick was persuaded by Paramon, who clung to the velvety warmth of the cat. The swan grew too large for its cage by spring.

Planks were fashioned into a birdhouse by the ancients and placed in the lake. Soon after arriving, the swan and his girlfriend were greeted by their friends and family.

few days later, an elderly couple was walking along the lakeside when they came upon a nest with tiny chicks. Every member of the swan family made a trip to see the elderly.

Even though they had left, they returned in the spring and continue to see their friends in the hamlet the same way.

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