Simply by touching the dogs, workers at the shelter are able to identify their owners even if they are unable to see their faces.

Since Kasey Cleland spent a significant amount of time working at the Animal Shelter, she has a thorough familiarity with the creatures who reside there.

They all adore her regardless of how much she loves them due to the fact that she spends as much time as she can with them before adopting them.

Cleland and her colleagues wanted to test her ability to distinguish between their dogs only by caressing them, so they blindfolded her and gave her the opportunity to try to figure out which dog belonged to which owner by petting it.

However, while this seems to be a difficult exam, Cleland breezed through it. Does it matter if she didn’t make that one since it still counts?

In Cleland’s workplace, everyone had a great time taking part in and analyzing this experiment, and the findings were well accepted by the online community as a whole.

The dogs, in particular, had a fun.

Cleland has a strong attachment to the animals who are now staying in her safe house on a temporary basis, and she intends to maintain this relationship with them until they are placed in permanent homes.

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