Scientists have found a rare moonfish on an Oregon beach. What will they do with it?

In Oregon, a moonfish swam into the rocky shore: Seaside Aquarium, a private aquarium, has confirmed the revelation. A frozen specimen of the «moon» fish will be examined later.

Large in stature and weight, the fish is over a meter in length and weighs 45 kilos. Scales adorn his whole body.

To put it into perspective, the weight of this particular sample comes close to a tenth of a commemorative.

The cause of the fish’s demise is still a mystery. Because his corpse was found near the water «in terrific shape,» it’s likely that he was close to the coast when he died.

The «Moon» fish may grow to a length of 2 meters and a weight of 270 kg. In 2009, a single specimen of this size was found in the Columbia River.

However, the size of this Oregon specimen has also startled investigators.

Moonfish, as it’s known, is unknown to analysts.

According to recent discoveries, the common fish is the only warm-blooded fish. His gills include capillaries that allow warm blood to flow throughout his body.

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