Puma Messy, a rescued cat from a zoo, now lives with a group of young people

Puma Messi lives in Penza with Aleksandr and Mariya. The animal at the Saransk Zoo captured their hearts. The sickly 8-month-old animal has been quarantined.

They decided to put down the puma since they couldn’t care for him, and releasing him into the wild was pointless.

Both the cougar and the duo were spared because to the kindness of the two people. Aleksandr and Mariya bought Messy from the Zoo. They believed they were destined to own a puma.

It was difficult to provide medical treatment for this wild animal. Despite Messy’s little stature, his parents provided him with much-needed support as he recovered from his ordeal. Messy, twice-daily strolls in the neighborhood.

A dog training school was the only option since they couldn’t locate someone who could manage wild animals. He obeys ten of them.

Messy is an affectionate, attractive, and enormous cat. They have a large cat, therefore Maria and Aleksander’s little flat is just right for their pet.

They have a tree and a hideaway in their anteroom.Messy enjoys mingling with others. The adorable animal has gained a lot of traction on the internet.

Keeping Messy as a house pet has many detractors, but the pair believes it is a special case due of his rarity and inability to live in the wild.

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