One for the canine hockey fanatics out there. It’s official!

Darrel, the salvaging dog, is evidence that a few dogs are having a wonderful time.

A well-deserved celebration follows each time this hockey prodigy thumps his «puck» into a target on the primary shot.

It seems like he’s always on the lookout for fresh ways to mislead and think outside of the box.» At times, he’s so clever that it’s to his advantage.

In addition to a few tricks, Adair claims that the 3-year-old can do. Some of these activities include skateboarding, switching on and off lights, retrieving his mother’s Visa to «pay for it,» and unlocking doors.

When I get home from work, I’ll ask him whether he wants to play hockey that night. Assuming he has the stick, we will play together. ; He’s always in the mood for anything else. He really gives orders.»

He provided Adair with a goal, someone to really concentrate on, and someone with whom to connect through preparation if we were all taken home due to isolation.

In a few of days, he was striking the ball and beaming as he did so.

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