Neiro, a giant dog, befriends Diby, a Chihuahua who had been abandoned as a puppy

When you saw the weird coupling of Mastif and Chihuahua, you were certain that this was the case

In a shelter, Diby and Neiro initially met. As early as January 27, 2016, an unidentified dog was found on the sidewalk near some trash cans.

It was Diby’s first month of life, and she hadn’t even reached the weight of a kg. Bystanders saw him and called for help, and he was taken to the hospital.

There, Diby was confronted by Neiro, a 56-kilogram dog who eats more than a Chihuahua every day at the shelter.

All newcomers were eager to get to know Neiro throughout his short stint as a shelter director’s caretaker.

In spite of their very differing heights and weights, these two quickly formed a close friendship.

Since Diby was just adopted, the two canines may have to split ways in the near future, despite their strong connection.

Whatever the case may be, despite his difficult start in life, he still has a promising future. Because to Neiro and other nice individuals, Diby is now able to live a happy life.

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