Jimmy and Jimbo It’s a friendship that’s lasted a long time: a guy and a bear

Two people Suburban New York is home for Jim and Susan.

They’re getting on in years and don’t have anybody to whom they can leave their wealth, but animal lovers through and through, especially wild animals in distress, warm their hearts.

It’s no secret that the mates run a secret sanctuaries for animals, separate from the zoo, where animals are only captives for augmentation.

The asylum has been operational for some years, and it has consistently harmed those who have supported it.

The zoo in the city was the place of his birth, but his mother refused to accept him as a baby.

This is how he reached Kovalchik. A name was chosen for the baby, and it turned out to be Jimbo. He’s comfortable with his owners and will settle in at any open door.

The bear matured over time, eventually becoming an endearing specimen in its own right. Jimbo’s favorite foods were red meat, honey, and frozen yogurt.

Jimbo died away some time ago, but he had a long and happy life filled with love and support.

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