It’s great to have a dog and cat as traveling companions if you’re rescued together

Taking a trip alone might be fun, but it’s always more exciting when you’re joined by friends.

If you like spending time with animals as much as you do, a dog or cat might be a great vacation companion.

It would be much more fun if you brought Fido and Fluffy along.  Put simply, Gillian and Billy are a great couple who make their guests’ stays that much more enjoyable.

If you don’t believe that cats and dogs can get along, Gillian and Billy will change your mind.

The unlikely meeting of these fast friends seems to have been fated.

The adorable canine hikers have been going on fantastic journeys with their human companions for quite some time.

If the journey is going to be a long one, Gillian will let Billy ride on his back or even climb up to his head, where he can rest comfortably.

Photos of the two pals together will warm the hearts of animal lovers because of how clearly happy they are to be with one other.

Fortunately, Gillian and Billy’s owner is an accomplished photographer, so we can live vicariously via their amazing trips.

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