In a stunning display of power, rhinos hold lions at away

Animals in a test of camaraderie face up against rhinos on a dirt track in the jungle in this frightening clip.

Just steps away from the four rhinos, lions can be seen on the trail. Unnoticed by the rhino, another juvenile lion attacks, forcing it to defend itself.

There have only been animal encounters over our six years in the park. When Marek noticed animals that morning, he decided to go down a street to see them in action. ‘Then they wandered into the bush,’ he said.

There were at least three or four automobiles that were watching, and all of them sped away. I told Gail, «No, no, no, those lions are on their way to something.»

According to Marek, this was more of a test of togetherness than anything else. ‘ Assuming that one is familiar with the footage, he remarked: «Then the gigantic man comes striding in,» he said.

In a way, it’s like he gave them an order, then he swung around and departed, and the rhinos were left to their own devices.’

One of nature’s most fascinating and beautiful sights may become more rare.

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