How do canines always seem to pounce when you try to hug your significant other?

Dogs rock in my book. If it means risking their life to rescue you, they will do everything it takes to protect you.

There is a tendency to become too protective and territorial, prioritizing their own love for you above that of your partner.

One glaring sign of this behavior is if your dog jumps on you when you hug your partner. But why is this behavior occurring, and what does it mean?

Dogs’ methods of hopping on you are quite intuitive. Despite popular belief, most dogs do not see being hugged as a joyful or even normal part of their daily routine.

Whereas for humans this is comforting and a sign of connection, for dogs it means that someone is still dominant and has full control of the situation.

In your opinion, how sincere is it? For the same reason, canines often do not display their friendship with hugs.

Dogs are always willing to jump in and protect their families.

They are the most trustworthy of pets, always ready to defend their families.

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