How a cat reacts when they learn that they have a new baby to take care of

When a youngster is introduced to a new brother or sister, it’s typically not a good idea to make light of it.

Even so, it’s a unique experience for this particular cat, who arrived up absolutely bewildered when she realized her owners had failed to mention they were expecting a kid.

Roxy, the black-and-white striped cat, is staring at the camera as though she’s completely taken aback.

First shared by an anonymous couple who wrote: ‘It was our mistake not to notify our cat that we were expecting’.

In general, animals like babies and will go to great lengths to interact with them, even playing with them. However, the feline’s answer is always intriguing and distinct.

It was so much fun to hear about their cat and child’s lives that you could almost imagine what was going on.

Roxy, on the other hand, has warmed up to the brood’s new addition, and she and the youngster are now interacting more openly.

When it comes to making sure she’s not forgotten, she’s doing a few tricks.

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