Having another child means giving up the family’s pit bull of many years

Discarded animals suffer from extreme degrees of stress. The world they were used to vanished as swiftly as it had appeared, and they were thrust into a foreign one.

Beautiful Pitbull Stormy had no idea why he had been discarded in a high-kill shelter after being cared for by his family for two years.

In order to create place for a fifth kid, Stormy’s parents decided to kill someone. He was known as «Freshy» among his siblings and parents.

Every day, the staff at the shelter waited for the return of the dog they had christened «Stormy» to his cherished home with four kids.

False. No one would want to take up such a sad, frightened dog. This devastated the dog’s heart, and he was afraid. Because of his profile, Guerrini made a beeline for the Brooklyn shelter to adopt him.

Due of the shelter’s financial constraints, Stormy had to be put to sleep. But she delayed taking him until 4:58, when he would have been dead by 5.

The existence she rescued him from was her own.They (Guerrini and her son) fostered Stormy until he was adopted.

Stormy was overjoyed and embraced the nice mother and her child with kisses and hugs.

People thought this adorable dog couldn’t have been any better. He was a kind and outgoing animal, and I hope he finds a forever family soon.

See her son Guerrini introduce Stormy to the camera.

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