Because her new baby was born with a lot of body hair, this mother-to-be refers to her new baby as little monkey


Sarah’s baby daughter was born three weeks early and had black hair when she arrived at her residence last year.

Teyana’s mother, Sarah, dubbed her the «monkey» because of her unique features.

While it is conceivable for babies to be born with hair on their heads, a Sydney, Australia-based hairdresser stated, «I didn’t anticipate that.»

When I first saw her, I jokingly likened her to a monkey. Despite the fact that it was taken as a jab by some, I thought it was sweet.

A child with lanugo has a thin coating of hair covering its skin in the womb. This may be seen in newborns born prematurely or while they are still very little.

For some years, the hair had been falling out on its own.

For the first time in a long time, they were allowed to bring their daughter home.

I came up with the notion since she’s «very lovely.»

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