As the sirens in Ukraine blare, a man is seen cuddling a cat

Heartbreaking photographs and videos from Ukraine have been flooding the internet in recent days.

However, there have been pictures of destruction and dislocation as well as portrayals of trust and compassion.

While sirens were blaring, a young man was seen on camera cradling a kitten in his arms.

What matters is whether or not they were acquainted with each other before, but it’s not only dogs that may demonstrate empathy in the face of an onslaught.

You may see one more video, this time of an older, noble guy tending to the birds while war compensation is taking place around them.

Thoughtful acts by Ukrainians at this tough period may be seen in these short clips, but there are no doubt several more that go unrecorded by a journalist’s lens every day.

Because of the current events in Ukraine, rescue shelters are working to save animals and their owners.

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