As he waits for his master, the dog goes down the shore every day

This dog is staring wistfully out to sea as he waits for his owner, a fisherman. Even though the guy died a few years ago, the dog is still looking for him.

Vito’s tale was published on social media by Jollie, a local citizen.

For a long time, she’s had a tight bond with the dog. Jolie’s attention was drawn to a well groomed puppy. So, she assumed his owners were on their way back to pick up their son.

Despite her repeated pleas, no one arrived to take the dog away from the woman. Jollie was seen almost immediately by a pedestrian.

He told the woman Vito’s story, adding that no one had shown up to wait for the dog.

Soon later, a local household took in the loving dog. Despite the fact that she takes wonderful care of him, he longs for his master and waits on the beach every day for him to return.

A local tale says the dog was constantly at his side, patiently waiting for him to return while he went fishing.

We may all benefit from Vito’s example of dog dedication and unconditional affection.

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