An worldwide record might be set if Derrick the donkey, a hefty beast, pulls it off

Unless you’re a fan of the gigantic cow Knickers, you’ll love Derrick.Without a doubt, Derrick is a fraud. One of the largest jackals I’ve ever encountered..

With a height of 16.3 hands, he is just an inch short of being the world’s tallest man.

In contrast to Romulus, who was already done, Derrick is still an unfinished project. Jackass owners think he will become the worst guy on Earth. He’s the one in whom we’ve put our trust.

A donkey sanctuary in Lincolnshire is where Derrick spends much of his time.

Tracy Garton, the owner of Asylum, says it was «typically tremendous» for him.

He hasn’t yet tapped into his full potential since youngsters cease growing at the age of seven. An excess of free time has resulted as a result of this. Derrick, in my view, is a lovely person.

Like a vicious canine, he pursues you relentlessly and never leaves your side.

Tracy will get in touch with Guinness World Records after Derrick has worked on the project for seven years and decides to call time on it.

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