An officer from the state of New Jersey responded immediately to save the dog’s life

As soon as Officer John Kuligowski learned about the abandoned dog, he responded fast.A dog was seen trying to keep its head above water when police arrived.

He was unable to get ashore because of the heavy mud, and he was stuck. They had to act quickly since the dog was exhausted and bewildered.

Thanks to the kind officer who went out to the dog in a nearby kayak to help it when it was in trouble.

He tried and tried to get the enormous dog into the boat without any luck. Then he devised a fresh strategy to save the dog from drowning. He escorted the dog to the sand.

The dog, named Akela, had been spared. She was awarded a clean bill of health since she was unhurt. In spite of everything, Akela was able to keep a grin on her face.

After taking a few pictures, she was taken to Animal Control Solution.

Someone called for help after seeing the dog roaming down the street and just missing being hit by a car before she ended herself in the slimy puddle.

The brave actions of Officer John Kuligowski have resulted in the lifesaving of a second individual.

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