After this analysis, the true advantages of dog ownership for children will be very evident

Typically, canine and child relationships are rosy. You may not be aware of it, but your dog is a great resource for your kids.

In a recent research done in Australia, it was shown that having a dog in the family had a beneficial effect on the participants’ psychological and interpersonal growth.

Dog owners’ children were much less likely to have behavioral or social difficulties than those of non-dog owner children.

To conduct the study, 1,646 parents of children aged 2 to 5 were surveyed about their children’s daily routines, including the number of times they interacted with the family dog and how often they went on walks with the dog.

Dr. Christian claims that the presence of a dog in the home increases the likelihood that school-aged children would engage in the recommended amounts of physical play and work, as well as the amount of time spent doing these activities.

Dr. Christian thinks that «the ordinary daily routine of taking care of, exercising, and generally concerning a family canine» and educating children to «be nice to animals, not abuse them, and respect their non-verbal communication signals» teach compassion and responsibility.

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