A lady saw something peculiar written on a tree. Then she observed another peculiarity after that

In the neighborhood where Lea lived, she saw something out of the ordinary. Giant square characters adorned a sign that hung from a tree.

For reasons that aren’t clear, someone feels compelled to let the world know that their dog (or dogs) are perfectly safe when climbing trees.

An unusual message to send out into the world, it seemed.

But by that time, in the blink of an eye, everything seemed OK under some further explicit condition. Goldstein was taken aback to saw a Chihuahua up in a tree nearby.

Yet, by sheer happenstance, it is just where the dog belongs.

Dana is her name. Currently, she is a resident of the home on the corner.

After adopting Dana last year, Lilia and her family quickly realized that she had a soft spot for trees.

After being let out onto the terrace, Dana learned that she could climb that tree and keep an eye on the outside world from its perch.

People would gather beneath the tree in small groups periodically, worried that the dog was stuck.

Even yet, Dana really never rests. She is ready to completely dominate the tree.

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