A dog of ten months old has natural lashes that are so long that are often mistaken for fakes

When people first meet Sky, they are taken aback and can’t keep their eyes off of him. As a consequence of the dog’s obvious individuality, in every way.

As a result of his long eyelashes, which sometimes seem like extensions, Sky has the most beautiful eyes of any dog. His owner Irene said he has always kept them that way.

Ten-month-old puppy has known Irene ever since he was a little pup.The fashion designer had to stop and touch the adorable pooch. Sky’s eyelashes are really beautiful. Long and curly, Irene gushed.

In order to satisfy the dog’s need for regular showers and thorough combings, his owner must devote significant time.

As expected of such a lovely puppy, he quickly became used to all the attention.

A dog that enjoys the attention he receives from passersby on their walks is characterized as «very energetic and adorable» by his owner, Irene.

The dog’s eyelashes should be trimmed as recommended by the veterinarian. After all, your field of vision could be impaired at that length.

Irene, though, is certain that her cautious approach will go a long way toward avoiding such problems.

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