A dog at an animal refuge became friends with a newborn giraffe who had been abandoned by her mother

Not only do they show compassion to their own people, but they also show compassion for one another. Unusual friendships between different animals have been documented many times.

This heartwarming story of a dog and a giraffe’s unlikely connection went popular on social media. Sadly, the mother of a newborn giraffe abandoned her.

The juvenile giraffe was helped by a visit to the refuge. Until she was old enough to stand on her own, Rock was fed from a bottle.

Those who worked at the refuge did their best to help the animal. In the sanctuary, Rock found another friend and comforter, and he reaped the benefits of their love and support.

Halter, a sweet dog, stood watch by Giraffe all the while.Dog adopted infant giraffe and raised him as his own. The bond between two animals blossomed into something very special.

This was the time at which Halter and Rock had become close friends. Everyone at the refuge loved their unique and endearing friendship.

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