A couple constructs a «small dog mobile» so that they may travel with their new puppies

On Fridays at sunset, the sound of dogs barking is soothingly loud enough to drown out the traffic and other sounds of the city.

There is now a dog train that cruises the roads while lighting the lives of its furry passengers with an accuracy that mimics a train.

The idea originated with two Floridians who operate an animal refuge for strays and rescues.

The number of dogs we had made it impossible to take them all for walks or fit them all in the vehicle, the lady explains.

My other half built a railroad to take them on excursions.

While he pulls the train with a lawnmower, I follow on a little bike to make sure everything is in order and nobody gets hurt.

You can’t help but smile at the sight of the delighted bundle.

That it fully fascinates them was what she found most telling.We were surprised that they knew it was Friday better than we did.

The pair have clearly capitalized on their celebrity status aboard the train.

Though they have no plans to share their work with the world, they welcome the interest from others.

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